Workin’ For A Livin’

I haven’t really elaborated on my job very much because honestly, I’m still in transition and it’s only been a month.


I can say right now that my co-workers are some of the best I’ve ever worked with.  We’re all pretty comfortable and happy around each other.

My boss, especially, is one of the best as well.  He’s one of those types of bosses that takes time out of his day and asks each one of us how we’re doing…how we’re feeling about things, etc.  He’s very supportive (without being a pushover) and it almost feels foreign coming from a company that only wanted to pull things out of you and give you minimal in return.

I am very very happy to be in this line of work.  I can say that every patient encounter leaves me with a great sense of fulfillment.

The biggest testament is having three different patients tell me how “happy and relaxed” I look.  I had no idea I looked so stressed out at my other job…but those statements speak volumes.

Thursday, a co-worker and I got to fly to a nearby village to do clinical services there.  We flew out in the morning and flew back that very afternoon.  It’s one of the villages I used to service when I ran the store, and it was amusing to see the confusion on people’s faces when I got off the plane.  When I told them about my job transition, they were genuinely happy for me.

That felt good.

Sure, it’s stressful.  I’ve got A LOT to learn.  I feel the pressure every single day.  Sometimes I even question whether or not, I have the ability to ultimately accomplish everything this new position requires.  My co-workers, my mentor, and my boss assures me I can.  And deep down, I know that too.

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  1. Howard Says:

    If you can learn the stuff we did at the store, you will not have any trouble where you are now.

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