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Over the next couple of days, I hope to be making some changes around here. On this site, that is. I’m tired of the pink. (I know, I know, I was all excited about it when I first got it, yeah yeah)

Plus, New Year, New Look! Why not?

And when I say “I” will be making changes, I really mean Pete will be making some changes because basically all I do is “Pete, Help! I need blah blah” and he’s all “Geez Louise, let me drop everything to help you okay?” and I’m all “Awww, you are sweet!” totally ignoring missing the sarcasm.

l’m starting to feel a little better. That black cloud hovering over me is still there but I’m forcing myself to get up everyday, get out, socialize, and surround myself with good things. Howard has been completely amazing. I honestly don’t know how I would get through the days without him.

Also, he’s managed to unpack a huge portion of the house this past week while the university is on break. I come home and dinner’s hot on the stove, he makes my lunch for me everyday, and usually gets up with me in the mornings to make coffee and breakfast. Then while I’m gone to work, he’s doing laundry, installing wine glass racks under the breakfast bar in the kitchen, insulating the windows, banking the house with snow to insulate it, and then he’s there with big open arms to envelope me when I walk through the door. It’s definitely good medicine for me.

I know how lucky I am. I just hope he knows how much I appreciate it.

Last night, we had an accidental dinner date with some friends for our usual “Friday steak night”. We didn’t know they were going to be there because they don’t come that often and they didn’t know we’re always there on Friday nights. We ended up hanging out with them until after midnight, and I still have a headache from being laughing so hard. I also got to visit with Judy for a good long while which is something I hardly ever get to do. I just adore her and she’s so funny. We love to cut up and make each other laugh. Last night when I was telling her what all Howard did for me this past week, she leaned over and told me “cherish your time together, Chrissy…” with a tear in her eye. I always listen when Judy has advice to give.  She sent us off with her usual tight hugs, her “I love you’s”, and her beautiful smile.

As we zoomed home last night on our snowmachine, my body was cold, but my heart was warm.  I snuggled up against Howard and rested my cheek on his back to block the wind from my face.

And I began to see the first lights through my fog.

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