Well, moving on slowly

How strange is it when I read Dooce’s latest post, that I was led to her husband’s site, and he was giving his own perspective of living with someone who struggles with mental illness? It’s enlightening to read such candor and honesty. It’s also interesting to see it from the other side:

“Get Help
To the people out there who denigrate mental health awareness and treatment, I say this: You aren’t helping. You are making it worse. Stop being an arrogant know-it-all. You aren’t right. You are wrong. If someone tells you they need help, your opinion means less than that of professionals. Stop being ignorant. Stop being obstinate. Stop insisting that your loved one, partner, child or co-worker “get over it”. They won’t get over it until you let it go and encourage them to seek help. There are many different approaches and ways to treat mental diseases and conditions. The first step is letting go. You could probably use some time talking it out yourself.”

All I have to say is, Thank you Jon!

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