(Oh hell, I can’t even think of a snappy, witty title today)

So things are going well so far with the new job.   Last week, I spent four days in new hire orientation and in spite of warnings to drink lots of coffee and of possibly being bored to tears….

I actually enjoyed it.

Yeah.  I know.  Go ahead and just plaster that dork sign right on my forehead.

I think I’m just excited to be back on my career path.  I’m working a field that I truly love and enjoy and I don’t think I could be working for a better organization in which to learn new and hone my current skills.

Howard flew in on Thursday for the follow up on his knee and the doctor said he was “amazed” at how well and how fast he bounced back.  I’m amazed as well.  If none were the wiser, I don’t think anyone could tell he had surgery a month ago.   We spent the weekend shopping, hanging out with Dusty (he flew in on Wednesday morning), and apologizing to our house in Wasilla that weren’t going to be there by Christmas like we promised.  We do so love that house though and I think in all of our blessings over the past couple of months, that’s the most bittersweet.  We bought that big, beautiful house, and it will sit empty a few years longer.  We still don’t regret buying it though.  It still feels like “ours” when we stay there.  We just have two homes and that’s okay.

Especially when a lot of people don’t even have one.

(yeah Chrissy, you ungrateful whore!)

As far as our little cabin goes, well, we might have the house unpacked and organized by say…oh….2078?  The clutter is driving us both nuts but the transition has been hectic.   Howard has all next week off and promises to get the lion’s share of it done.  I stand ready to bribe him with beer and sex.  (mostly beer)

Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I had lunch with my Tess.  She and I have been trying to get together and have dinner for nearly five years now.  I guess it took quitting my damn job to finally do it.  She looked gorgeous as ever and we gossiped shamelessly.  It was fabulous.

Speaking of my former job (but certainly not my lovely coworker), it’s weird to go shopping in the store and not have any responsibility.  It’s also weird to see the changes.

But I don’t miss it one effing bit.  I honestly don’t think I ever will.

We still don’t have internet hooked up, the guy flew out last week but we weren’t home so he couldn’t get into the house, so who knows when we’ll be surfing comfortably in our home but for now, I still have access from Howard’s office.

So, that’s it.  I know ya’ll have been chomping at the bit, gnashing your teeth, and wringing your hands over what I’ve been up to. (right?)

I’ll try to jump on here and give you all one last post before my long 4 day weekend.  Oh my God.  I won’t even know what to do with myself.

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