A New (cluttered) Beginning

Well, our five year run of being store managers is over.  It feels kind of weird going by there, knowing we’re no longer wholly responsible for it, but mostly, it feels like a big relief.

We’re settling somewhat into our tiny cabin.  Right now, oh my god, it is sooooo cluttered.  Dusty stopped by yesterday and was speechless.  He didn’t really believe that we had that many boxes.  Once he got over the shock, he installed any and all missing lightbulbs and I told him how I just LOVED having two husbands. heh.

The dogs and cat are pretty calm now.  The first night sleeping there was a rough one. Especially for Lucky who is 15 years old and getting more senile.  He would get out of bed, search for his water bowl, eventually find it, then wander from room to room trying to figure out where we were.  Katie thought it was just hilarious to run up and down the basement stairs and Pepper whimpered and whined periodically throughout the night.

Needless to say on Thursday, we were pretty grumpy and tired, having nearly no sleep.

It’s all good though.  Howard and I love our little “love shack”.  It has a lot of charm and we’re surprised by how well it stays warm.

Tomorrow, I’m flying out for new hire orientation and won’t be back for a week.  Howard will be joining me on Thursday because he has his follow-up appointment for his knee and then we’ll spend the weekend out at our own house in Wasilla.

Our big, empty, wonderful house with a fabulous king-sized bed. *sigh*  Someday, maybe we’ll actually live in it.

And so begins our new journey…new careers, new home, a new life.  Holy shit, I need a nap.

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