95% Done!

I’m writing this from Howard’s office because it really is going to be a while before we have internet hooked up at our house.  The tech won’t be able to get out here for a few weeks and then there’s a list a million miles long of people who put in requests before us.

And of course I love you readers enough to give ya’ll an update.

Tonight, we moved all the big stuff over to the cabin and we will spend our first night there. (Of course not without Dusty and I getting into a wrestling match and Howard having to yell at us to “quit goofing off”, but seriously, thank you Dusty!  you’re awesome for helping tonight!  My arm’s still sore too, asshole!)  The dogs and cat are good and freaked out.  They’re convinced, we’re packing up and leaving them behind.  After we leave here, we’re going home to collect them.  They’ll have fun exploring the new house.  Tomorrow we’ll do a thorough cleaning of the old house and then we’re outta there!
The new managers have arrived and are really nice.  This is the first store they’ve run for the company and let me tell you, I remember being anxious, and gung ho, and wanting everything to be perfect and boy, I’ve come a long way.  I mean, I care but I just don’t let things upset me anymore.  I’m having to give them that speech a lot.  “Look, sometimes you just gotta make due….you gotta improvise….don’t get upset about it.”

But honestly, I’ve no doubt, they’ll fit in fine and will do a great job.  But oh my hell, they have so much to learn about working for that company.  Yeesh.

I can’t believe that I only have two more days and I will be done.

One thing I will say is looking back through these past five years, I realize how much I came to really hate that job.  I began to resent it, dreaded getting out of bed in the morning, I became apathetic to certain things I probably shouldn’t been.

And I’m leaving just in time.

I will try and check in periodically until we have internet again and especially before Christmas.  Ya’ll be good until then.

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