Sorry guys!

I should have added a “NOT PREGNANT!” to the end of that post because I know that 99 percent of you guys thought that, didn’t you?

Seriously though, how sweet that you all are excited to hear what’s happening in our lives. You all rock my socks. I’ve always said I have the best family and friends in the world and ya’ll just keep proving me right.

Now for the news:

There is no news. I know! I know! I got you all worked up for nothing. Well, I’ve always been a big believer in NOT counting your chickens before they hatch and you know what? I did. Like an idiot. And of course, it came back to make me look like an ass.

“Damn fool kids’ll never learn.”

You know? Our lives are always changing though…and you just never know when a change is going to come along. I will promise you all this though: I will NEVER EVER tease you like that again. If something happens, I’ll tell you after the fact.

Right now, my life is good, brilliant even. I am amazingly blessed.

The only thing changing in my life is my belly because I’m hungry. I wonder if Howard heated up those leftovers from dinner last night?

Also, my friend Julie has impeccable timing…she called right when I needed to hear a friend’s voice today and who better than my Julie?

“I so love you for calling me right this second” I said to her. So thank you Julie! I love you!

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  1. julie Says:

    I sooo love you tooo!!!! Just the first of many phone calls to come. Having the phone through the cable company rocks!!!! I will be TALKING to you soon!!!

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