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When I was high school, I was really into theatre.  Yes, I was a proud drama geek.  Most of my friends were in the drama club and it’s safe to say that we earned the title of geek.  Each and every one of us.

For some reason, we all watched “Silence of The Lambs” one night, and instead of it creeping us out, we all found it hysterically funny.

The movie rose to cult status within our circle.  Pretty soon, word got around to other theatre groups in our district and about once a month, we would all get together and watch it.  We began to memorize the lines and quote them simultaneously…and sometimes ad libbing our own words.

It was all very “Rocky Horror Picture Show” like.

Seeing it now, a decade plus later, I realize that we had to be some sick puppies to think anything in the movie was funny.  Even though, I still get the giggles everytime I watch it.

If you were to look in the high school year book from my senior year, you’ll see quotes from the movie scribbled in different places throughout by the friends who celebrated the movie with me.

A weird bunch we were.  A weird bunch we probably still are.

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