Randomy goodness…

This morning, the DJ at the radio station dedicated “Darling Don’t Cry” to me for no reason at all.  And Howard was all: “Awww Darlin’ Don’t Cry”.  Heh

Last week when Dusty and I were doing our show, we played Tina Turner’s “You Better Be Good To Me” and I grabbed the microphone out of its little holder thingy (it’s not a stand because it’s not actually standing, it’s more like “hanging”) and started lip synching and dancing around the small little studio.  Dusty threw his head back and laughed so hard, I could see all the boogers in his nose.

Oh wait, Dusty doesn’t have boogers.


The urge hit me and I had to go with it.  Sometimes you just gotta do that, right?

And that’s all for now because oh my Hell, I’ve gotta go finish the playlist that I lied to Dusty about having today at lunch I’ve been working so diligently on for tonight’s show.

Hey, at least you got a post, right?

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  1. Lolcats Says:

    Post the playlist! I need new music.

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