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Oy.  “Busy”is the word to describe me as of late.  We’re halfway through hunting season though and this time next month, you’ll see the tumbleweeds rolling through town and all will be quiet again.

Of course, there aren’t any tumbleweeds in Alaska.

Let’s see, I left off saying that Dusty and I were going to do our show and we did.  I have to honk our horns right now and say that according to all of the call-ins and compliments we’ve been receiving since, we did a great job.  We hustled 13 memberships and people were calling in to request songs and dedications.

Dusty and I didn’t do too bad as co-hosts either.  I think the important thing was we were just…ourselves.  It came so naturally to us, it was kind of hard to get us to shut up to do the call letters, do the weather, and announce the messages, but we did.  We almost wish we’d had another hour but Dusty and I are busy people.  Getting that two hours this time of year was pure luck.  We’re going to try and do it every Thursday night now, in spite of that fact.

From the room we were doing our broadcast from, there was a big window that allowed us to see outside towards the old airport runway.  Dusty asked me if I felt like I was looking out at Rockefeller plaza in New York.  I replied back: “Well, I would but the view is just a little different.”

A few minutes later, two signs appeared in the window that said:

“I LOVE YOU CHRISSY! …and Dusty too”



It didn’t take us long to figure out that Howard and his brother Christopher were holding up the signs.  They took Dusty’s “Rockefeller Plaza” cue and gave us a good laugh.  We had a couple of other fans “crash” the station and our broadcast but Dusty and I handled it like pros and never waivered.  It was nothing short of a blast.

Damn, but we were good together.

I also announced to all of our listening area that Howard’s brother was single and in town for ten days…and we’d been trying to marry him off for years.  He seemed to appreciate it, though he never thought I’d actually take him up on that dare.

I’ve had a few people asking if they could listen to us live on the internet and I’m sad to say that right now, the radio station doesn’t have the budget to keep us online right now.  Dusty and I are working on fundraising ideas and until then, are recording our broadcasts and we plan to burn cd’s for friends and family.  We just ask you to be patient.  Or just wait until September is over.

All that aside, last week was pretty damn stressful, mainly due to work-related issues.  Come Saturday, I was frazzled, fried, “stick a fork in me, I’m done”.

Yesterday, Howard knew exactly what I needed.  He suggested we take Christopher kayaking.  I had my warm clothes on and was sitting in the car before he had the sentence out of his mouth.  Chris was game but was apprehensive.  I instructed him (just as Dusty instructed me my first time) on what to do and what not to do and he ended up having a great time.  We split a bottle of wine between us and floated together for a while, holding on to each other’s kayaks and passing the bottle of wine back and forth.

I can’t believe I did think of kayaking myself.  It is my favorite form of therapy as of late. Once again, I returned home, calm, happy, and a lot less frazzled.
Of course, today is Monday and it is raining, and Christopher and Howard decided to go Moose hunting tonight.  Which means that I’m back to being stressed out not only over work but over whether or not, they’re safe and okay.

They better get their damn moose, is all I’m sayin’.

Oh well, at least I can have that last bottle of wine in the fridge all to myself.

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