Dysfunction Junction

Dusty and I are finally getting our collective asses in gear and are doing a radio show tomorrow night.

It will be three hours. Ack.

I’m not acking because it’s three long hours. I’m just wondering if three hours will be enough. Seriously, he and I gab it up like nobody’s business.

I went on this morning with our morning DJ and did about an hours worth of canvassing for memberships and donations to the station. I was surprised by how calm I was and how much I like it.

I think our local radio station and our listeners are in for it. Dusty and I have opened a can of worms.

Howard went on the hour before me and he gave tomorrow night’s show a plug and he and the DJ were talking about it…this was Howard’s take:

“Well, I know they’re going to have fun with the tabloids and they’ll probably play music and ask each other “how does it make you feel?

Oh no he didn’t.  All I can say, is he is sooo in for it tomorrow night.  Tabloids are going to have to take a backseat to that little comment.  Dusty and I were talking about it over the phone today and decided we’d make sure we asked:
“How does that make you feel, Howard?”

We’re going to play songs that I KNOW he hates.  Because he’ll be at home and we’re going to close the phone lines.
Because I’m a good wife like that.

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  1. Jen Says:

    Any way we can tune in via internet????

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