Finally Friday!

Why is it, everytime we get a four day week that the week always seems long?

Everyone’s been feeling the same way I have.  At least the people I ask.

Holy shit, thank God, it’s over.  Now if no one calls in sick tomorrow….

I’m pretty much caught up on my paperwork at the office and I’m always amazed at how quickly it piles up when you miss a mere week.  Good God.

I think I’ve earned myself a Ribeye and a Heineken Light, don’t you?  Or maybe I’ll switch it up and do hard liquor tonight.  Or maybe I’ll just talk a big game, eat my steak, become unbearably full, lean over to Howard who’s well into his 6th or 7th beer and tell him I want to go home and be asleep by 10.

Speaking of alcoholics….we had an electrician flown out to do some upgrades at the store, and last time he was here, he had to stay over on a Friday night, which means of course, we took him to steak night, which means of course, we had a few beers with him.

Then Dusty showed up.  And Joanie.  My two favorite drinking buddies.

Needless to say, after dinner, I kind of lost track of the electrician and the poor guy had to fend for himself as far as getting on the plane the following morning.  Good thing, the bed and breakfast is right next to the airline office and the plane taxied right up beside it.

Anyway, Dusty asked me about him, after noticing he was back, and asked me if I remembered the last time he was in town.

“I remember we took him to steak night….then I kind of go fuzzy after that.”

“Chrissy, we dragged him down to “The other bar” and got shitfaced and danced around the jukebox all night.”

“Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed that I don’t remember that.”

“Yeah well, you were pretty drunk.”

“Hey, I only get like that when I’m around you and I remember you slamming back beers like mere shots, so there.”

Dusty.  He’s SUCH a pusher.

He and I together?  Make hilarious drunks.

Also, forgetful ones.

Anyway, I asked Zach if he remembered that night and he just chuckled, paused a bit, and said “uh yeah…I think so…didn’t we go to the other bar?”

I knew then that I had NOTHING to be embarrassed about.

Happy Friday ya’ll.  Have a fun weekend and if you have a good time?  Please try to remember it.

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