Good friends, Good food, Good YouTube

Last night, Dusty’s youngest sister Tommi and our new friend Thai made a big Italian dinner for a big group of us. Susan was nice enough to lend us her kitchen once again because everything is on an industrial scale and there was plenty of counter space to put our wine and beer to prepare and experiment.

Now you all have to know that Thai (who is also our itinerant PA) is gorgeous. He’s half Vietnamese and half Italian. We are always going on about his looks. Of course, he’s modest about it which makes him even MORE attractive.

Dusty and I were in the corner gossiping when he leaned over and asked me:

“When he hugged you when you got here, did you need extra oxygen?”

I replied:

“No, but I contemplated fainting so he would give me mouth to mouth.”

And then Thai recruited me to help him with the lasagna and as we were throwing on layers of Ricotta cheese, meat sauce, artichoke hearts and mushrooms, I was apologizing for not getting up and hanging out with him when he and Dusty stopped by the house on Friday night because I was sleeping and don’t even remember them coming by.

“You don’t remember me crawling into your bed?” he said with a wicked smile.

“No, and that’s a damn shame” I said with an equally wicked smile. He winked, I
winked back. Of course we were kidding with each other.

Throughout the course of the night, I managed to get some hilarious mugshots:

Alaska 2007 390.jpgAlaska 2007 393.jpgAlaska 2007 394.jpg Alaska 2007 395.jpgAlaska 2007 396.jpg

It was chaotic and crazy, we were drinking wine faster than we were getting bottles open, we were taking pictures, we were laughing, and finally we tucked into an absolutely divine Italian meal.

Later, we were sitting around in a carb/alcohol induced half coma and Susie began telling this random story about Budweiser bottle caps and what she used to do with them.

(I realize the whole part about Thai is completely irrelevant to this post but hey, it’s my damn blog and I’ll post what I want to!)

I made her repeat the story so I could record it on my camera because you guys cannot get enough YouTube, I know! So enjoy and hey, if you feel like getting creative with Beer Bottle caps? Well then, you have an idea. By the way, I apologize for the shaking camera, I was laughing and I just couldn’t hold it steady. Hey, you’ll feel like you were there!

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  1. Jen Says:

    I’d like a side dish of Thai as well. Tee hee hee.

  2. Tessie-Poo Says:

    My, my.

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