Because Red Wine is good for your heart.

Last night, we had another “Girls’ Night”.  Dusty’s mom, auntie, and sisters came over to hang with me and Mama Jean.  We had plenty of red wine and comfort food.

We watched “Rent”.  We cried, we sang along to the movie, we heckled it a bit, and talked about the AIDS epidemic.

Then Dusty, Thai, and Howard came home from their kayaking trip and totally crashed the party.  Lucky for them,  we were already pretty tipsy from the wine.

They were banished to the kitchen as we girls sat in the living room and came up with all the different names for sex, penises, and vaginas.

It’s not everyday you can have these kind of conversations with your mother-in-law present.  Much less be able to ask her if she and her former husband (Howard’s dad) had “nicknames” for theirs and actually get an honest answer. (Which I am totally not telling you)

It was like being 12 years old again, having your circle of girlfriends in that tree house you built with the sign on the door that says “No Boys Aloud”, where you become blood sisters and make promises to “always share your dollies and lipgloss and to never EVER spill each others’ secrets.”

Except we made promises to “never EVER let each other’s vibrators run out of batteries.”

Now that is a true testament of friendship.

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