-Today the rain stopped after a dreadful weekend of it.

-We contemplated a boat ride, but we came home, I made homemade macaroni salad and boiled fresh corn on the cob and built Dagwood sandwiches for dinner.

-I witnessed Katie drinking out of the water bowl twice.  This is the first day I’ve seen her do it since she’s been home from the hospital.  She also chased my hand under the blanket and thwaped the dogs upside the head with her paws.

- I took Snickers, Mama Jean’s tiny Rat Terrier, for a brisk walk/jog.

-I’m back in touch with an old friend who makes me laugh those laughs that have you gasping for breath.

-Someone told me today: “your generosity is only surpassed by your great beauty.”  Of course he was sucking up, but it made me feel good anyway.

-And for the first time in the 16 years since I’ve known her, I heard my mother-in-law say the word “fuck” while watching the Braves game on TV tonight.  I thought she was cool before but oh my God, she’s my idol now.

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