All Stuffed Up (Random Rambles)

The boss’s visit went very well. Almost too well. He didn’t even do a walk-through of the store with us, just said “you guys know what you need to do, everything looks fine, no worries here.”

Hmmm. I guess that was that.

I did however, put him on the plane the next morning very VERY hungover, but hey, it was HIS idea to go and “have a few beers”. I, on the other hand, was hangover free. And after 7 Heinken Light’s, that’s a miracle unto itself, especially considering how loopy I was. Anywho.

Now, I’m fighting some Hellacious head cold, my head feels like it weighs 5000 pounds, and the snot just keep pouring out of my nose. (TMI?) My voice is all scratchy and my ears are stopped up which means I can’t hear anything and keep having to ask…”I’m sorry, can you say that again?”

I hate being sick, I make a very bad sick person. I’m cranky and lethargic and just want to crawl into my nice sheets and down comforter and sleep for days. Of course, I’m sick when tomorrow, we’ll likely have our boat ready to put in the water. Did I mention we had to buy a new boat motor? Well the old saying “A boat is a whole in the water that you keep pouring money into?” has proven to be true in this household. But what’s done is done and if we take care of the motor, we won’t have to replace it for another 10 or 15 years. (the old one was 14 years old)

Also, it’s been in the 80’s which feels like 120 and we’re all just dying from the heat.

Now, I know what all of you southerners are thinking “YOU DON’T KNOW HOT!”

Trust me, I know you’re all dying down there. Remember I grew up in the south, I know a hot, humid day at 100 degrees.

But, consider the fact that my winters here average around 25 below zero on any given day and the fact that my body gets adjusted to these extremely cold temps, then warm it up 100 degrees and you tell me I’m not sweltering over here. Go ahead.

Mama Jean swears she’s having a good time. She’s reading all of the books we bought and have yet to read, which is good, because someone needs to be reading around here. Of course, we come home to a spotless house and beg her not to feel obligated but she just ignores us and then acts like secret housecleaning gnomes must have come in and cleaned because honestly, she’s on vacation. Until we get our boat back in the water, she’ll be lounging on the couch, and talking to the “housecleaning gnomes”, all the while swearing she’s loving her time here.

If it isn’t true, she’s a damn good liar.

The cold medicine is kicking in and I think I’m seeing some sort of gnome now, so I’m going to head to bed. Goodnight ya’ll.

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