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Oh my dog. Thank GOD, today is Friday. Steak and beer? I heart you. Will you marry me?

I had a run in with PMF again, after almost a year of near niceness from him. Should’ve known that wouldn’t last. Damn me for being optimistic. This time Howard was around, thank God, and he backed off rather quickly. Things like that make me want to move into my new house, like NOW! Dusty would not allow it though. He’s trying to get his mind around the fact that, much as we’d like to, we won’t be living here in this village forever. He’s working through it though, but not without reminding me numerous times a day:

“I don’t like it, I don’t understand it, but I respect your decision…..bitch.”

I read this over at Doxie’s site and laughed my ass off. I mean ya’ll know how much I love a good vignette. And also, it reminds me of the time I took Lucky to the emergency vet after he had a seizure and by the time we got there, he was just fine, but took a big dump under their Christmas Tree in the lobby anyway. I still feel bad about slinking out of there without telling anyone. I’m waiting for Karma to bring me a pile of dog poop under my Christmas tree.

And last but not least, remember when I was trying to remember the name of the shoe my LMT told me about? Well, turns out they were called Dansko’s. And it also turns out that they are quite possibly the most comfortable shoes on earth. They don’t look comfortable but oh my God, they are. My friend Julie (the PA) mentioned them to me as well and said that anyone who works on their feet all day should buy a pair. Two good testimonies couldn’t be wrong. So, I went to Nordstrom’s in Anchorage last month and was fitted with a pair. These shoes are handmade and do not come in set pairs. They just take your shoe size and then bring lots of lefts and rights in whatever color you choose and they mismatch until each shoe feels good on each foot.

These shoes are relatively pricey (They start at around 100 dollars a pair) but I’m telling you, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent on a shoe. Plus they make me look taller and that’s always a good thing.

Well, now that I’ve bored you all to tears with my ramblings, I’m going to go have a Heineken Light or 12 2 and a Ribeye with all the fixin’s. Go have yourselves a Margarita on me!

3 Responses

  1. Extraordinary woman Says:

    taliing bout shoes boring! hush your pretty mouth, you crayzee!


  2. Extraordinary woman Says:

    i mean talking - of course…
    pah.. me and my scandalous typing…


  3. Chris Says:

    Pshaw, I know right? Must have been the sobriety talking. hee!!

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