The Wait is Over (Kristen!)

As of tomorrow afternoon, we are officially Alaskan homeowners.

That’s right folks, we’re buying a house! That was the big surprise I was waiting to reveal.

It’s something we’ve been looking at doing for a while now but have been aggressively searching for the past three months. When we we flew in last month, we met with a realtor who spent all of our and her spare time zipping us around showing us different properties.

We found one we loved, we put in an offer two days later, and got a verbal acceptance the very same day. It’s in a town called Wasilla which is about 35 miles outside of Anchorage. (MUCH LOWER PROPERTY TAXES) We’ve yet to decide whether we want to rent it out while we’re living here in the village or keep it as a place to go when we fly in to town. We’re leaning toward the latter because we want to take our time loading it with nice things and getting it just the way we want it.

This could take a few years but that’s okay. We bought this house because right now, we’re in a really good financial position to do so and also, we want a tax deduction! Being a married couple with no children and no real property save for a few acres in Virginia and our two vehicles back home, well the IRS doesn’t cut us any slack.
We’re hoping by the time we move in to it permanently, we should have it at least 50% paid off. The neighborhood is really nice and we can’t wait to get started on “making it our own”.

We would have closed on Friday but the appraiser was on vacation until Friday and couldn’t get the documents over to the title company in time. BUT! Since everything else is good to go and we have a notary here in town, we will do everything through the mail.  We signed the closing documents this morning and I mailed them out immediately after.   So, we should be holding the keys within a week.

We’re happy. We’re excited. And now we’re arguing over granite countertops or laminate, bamboo floors or oak floors, should we buy a Dyson even though we plan on ripping up all the carpet eventually?

All that while saying “Holy shit, a house!”

Pictures to follow as soon as I can figure out how to copy them from my Adobe format. (I know, we’re dorks.)  We even drove out to the house to look around and make sure all the of the offer contigencies were met (and they were!), but did we take one damn photo?  No.  We stood outside on our HUGE deck that CONNECTS TO THE TWO CAR GARAGE AND THE APARTMENT OVER THE GARAGE, and listened to the birds chirp, and looked at the huge mountains that the house backs up to.

We were going to take photos but were too excited running around like giddy children at Christmas time.

Also.  GREEN HOUSE! and PORCH SWING!  And oh my god.  A DISHWASHER!

The best part? 30,000 BELOW APPRAISAL!  Thank God, it’s a buyer’s market right now.  We’re happy, we’re excited, and also in debt.  Yikes.  But this house is ours.  We OWN a piece of my beloved Alaska.  I couldn’t feel better about buying anything in my whole life.

So, who wants to come visit?

3 Responses

  1. Amy Says:

    YEY for you girl!! can’t wait to see pictures!

  2. April Says:

    OOH, OOH, ME!!! I wanna come visit!!

  3. Tom Says:

    First, happy anniversary!

    Second, congratulations on the house. If you need any advice on appliances, remember I sell them for a living. BTW: A Dyson has a hard floor setting. For you, I would recommend the Animal model.

    Third, note the new e-dress. Finally got rid of Earthlink, thank goodness.

    Grace and Peace,

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