This morning, I awoke to the sound of Katie meowing rhythmically.

“Meow.”  “Meow.” “Meow.” “Meow.”

In my foggy haze, I swear to God, I thought my iPod was somehow skipping.

I opened my eyes and peeked out from under the covers and looked over Howard’s shoulder to find her meowing right in his face.  She was glaring at him.  It was as if she was saying:

“Dad.” “Dad.” “Dad.” “Dad.”

Amazingly enough, he was snoring right through it.  As soon as she saw I was up, she meowed at me, over and over again.  I got up with her as she bolted off the bed and led me in to the arctic entryway where her litter box and food bowls are located.

Now Katie is a little princess.  She’s very particular about her surroundings and how she eats her food and drinks her water.  She will not drink out of a half-full/half-empty water bowl.  It must be filled to the top and she must get first dibs (she shares with the dogs) or else it is no good.

Now, you’re all going “Well DUH, give her her own water bowl.”

We’ve done that.  Katie will only drink out of the bowl that is shared with the dogs.  BUT she must get first dibs or she won’t drink.  Or if she does, she doesn’t do it in front of us.  It’s even okay if Lucky and Pepper join her after she’s taken a drink but she MUST drink first or she’ll turn her nose up at the bowl.

Also, when she eats, she takes dainty little bites of her dry cat food, never eating a full morsel.  This means that she may nibble the entire bowl but there will always be a bowl full of broken morsels or crumbs.  This is unacceptable to her.  She will meow and whine until we throw out the crumbs and give her fresh, full-sized morsels to chew.

(This cat also samples any new dog food that gets brought in to the house.  What’s worse is the damn dogs let her!  They just stand patiently until she’s finished.)

I’m telling you:  this cat is really the boss.

Now throw in a dirty litter box?  And she won’t sleep until that thing is cleaned out.  She’s actually pretty good.  She doesn’t demand that everything be scooped out, but when it’s  time to be changed, you don’t have to wait for the box to start stinking (not that we ever do that).  No, Katie will let you know.  She’ll meow at you and beckon you to follow her and then she’ll sit right by the box (It’s covered) and stare up at you with her big round eyes.

And that’s exactly what she wanted this morning.  Apparantly sometime in the night, it had become too dirty for her and it would not wait until we got up.  oh no.  I figured this out after I dumped her bowl, filled it with fresh food, topped off the water bowl, and picked her up to give her a snuggle.  (she couldn’t possibly be whining because she wants attention)

Being she’s a “daddy’s girl”, she always goes to him first.  She’ll start by head-butting him  and if he doesn’t wake up and help her, she’ll start bitching.  She NEVER asks me for help.  For this, I’m somewhat grateful, but being I sleep right next to her precious daddy, she may as well be bitching at me.

I thought he was faking sleep this morning when her meowing pierced my blissful slumber, then he grumbled later that she woke him up every ten minutes throughout the night.

Now, why he didn’t just get up to see what she wanted is beyond me.

And that bitch loves her daddy more than me?

This cat is clearly confused on who the better parent is, and she’d better start giving me more loving nudges and snuggles, if she wants to keep a clean litter box and fresh food in her bowl.

She’d better be more grateful from now on, is all I’m sayin’.

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