Well, we made it back to our village this morning after a week of nearly non-stop coming and going all made better by the gorgeous weather in Anchorage.

Of course it was snowing when we landed and is still snowing two hours later.

I just got off the phone with Dusty giving him my recap of the week.  Of course I don’t have hours and hours to recap the details here (especially since my slack ass hasn’t even finished the vacation 2007 recap) but here’s a bullet summation of things I purchased:

1.  6 new pairs of shoes (it’s a sickness, I know)

2.  4 different kinds of medication for Lucky.  (Because he is old but still my baby)

3.  an over-priced steak at Sully’s because I mainly just wanted one of their famous “Knockout” martinis.

4.  an obscene amount of clothing for just one person.  (that person being myself because I’m a clothes whore)

5.  Blonde highlights and bangs.  (I was sober, my stylist suggested it promising me I would look “gorgeous” and according to Howard who is brutally honest, I am “HOT!” which is a good thing, though…I’ve never had blonde highlights, but, I have to admit: I do like my new hair)

6.  An obscene amount of books because I don’t have enough unread books lying around the house already, right?

The flight in with Brian went very well except when we got caught in the wake of an Alaska Airlines Jet who landed right before we did.  I never knew that happened;  A wake of air.  Brian and Howard both looked at me like “DUH!” but after I put my heart back in to my chest and forced my mouth shut again, I realized that I had heard about it but had never actually experienced one.

Trust me.  It wasn’t fun.  The plane jerked sideways and I bumped my head on the ceiling of the plane, Lucky fell out of the seat in front of me, and Pepper nearly had a heart attack as well.  Of course, Howard and Brian just sat up front laughing about it and I wanted to scratch their eyeballs out.

I got over it though when Brian suggested we go for some Sushi and Sake after we were on the ground.  Hey, I’m a crisis eater, nothing a good meal can’t fix, right?

The next night, we met up with Billy and Alpha because they were coming through town on their way to their new home in New Mexico, and in the spirit, we ate Mexican.  We hugged and kissed them goodbye afterwards as they went to meet their red-eye flight and Howard, Brian, and myself decided to take a cab downtown and do a traditional “bar-crawl”.

By 3:30am the following morning, Brian and I were convinced that though we disagree on a lot of things, we are very much alike.  Of course, this conclusion came over a span of many many MANY Malibu Pine’s and Gin and Tonic’s.  Howard was the mediator who did shots of tequila in between our banter and debates.  It was fun to do though because we haven’t done one of those since before we moved to the village we live in now.

Though:  after we woke up sometime Sunday afternoon, we realized why we haven’t done that in a long time.  But oh well.  Nothing a good meal can’t fix right?

The rest of the week was a blur.  Meetings, mini-sessions, etc highlighted by getting to see Tess and give her big hugs (Amy and April, we received your hugs and reciprocated!), We did get to go to a hockey game with our company which turned out to be a blast, and we met a few more friends in Anchorage for dinner dates over the span of the week.

All in all, it was a productive and fun week.

And now I need a nap.

I hope all of you mothers out there have a wonderful Mother’s Day and I also want to give a shout out to my gorgeous niece, Jordan Blake.  She is 16 years old today.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl, you are truly one of the most loving, sweet, funniest kids I know.  I am proud to be your aunt.  Enjoy your day baby.  We all love you very much.

3 Responses

  1. April Says:

    I can’t wait ’till October to get those hugs back!!!

  2. Melissa Says:

    Blake that lived here in Wilmington, that I met, Jennifer’s daughter?? 16?!?!?!? She is really not 16 is she??? Or have I got her confused with another neice? Please tell me so….. Because if it is Jennifer’s daughter, I am so old feeling right now!! I can’t beleive it….. let me wait for your affirmation before I get to worked up… OH MY GOSH…… ANYWAY, Happy Birthday Blake!! (if you remember me :)

  3. Chris Says:

    Melissa…I hate to break this to you but: YES, the tow-headed little girl we knew in Wilmington is now a 16 year old, drop-dead gorgeous, young lady. I know. We ARE old! Now go and get yourself worked up while I go buy us some Geritol! (miss you girl, we REALLY need to catch up with each other!)

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