Cross Roads

For the first time in a long time, Howard and I both find ourselves standing in front of many opportunities laid out before us.

Lots of good opportunities.

Just this past week, I’ve received a nice bonus check and a good evaluation from my boss.  Only last week, I received two separate emails, one from the president of the company I work for and another from a VP.  Both were giving us big pats on the back for the way we are running the business at our branch.

I’m taking it that the VP isn’t upset with us for turning down that offer made last month.

Just when I really want to start hating my job, they do this.  Go figure.

Howard and I are about to make some big real-life grown-up decisions about our future.  For the first time in a long time, it looks like our dreams are going to be a reality.

Also in this past week, things have happened in the universe, and things seem to be falling in to place.  That doesn’t usually happen.  Especially to me.

And I’m not sure how to take it.

I sure as hell can’t get excited about it because you all know how I feel about getting too happy about something.  I really wish I wasn’t like that.  Usually the only thing in my life I could feel really content about was my marriage.  I knew I did that right.  But somehow my life seems to be really coming together lately….throwing my psychy into overdrive.

Where’s the catch?

What’s going to go wrong?

When is the other shoe going to fall out of the sky and knock me back into reality?

…..and just how much was that Chanel summer hobo bag I was looking at?  Because I seem to able to afford it without guilt now.

4 Responses

  1. April Says:

    Just take it as all the wonderful things you’ve done for people (i.e. myself) are finally being returned to you. You truly do reap what you sow, not always in this lifetime and usually not without some trials along the way, but it does happen. You are both wonderful people and any good that’s coming to you guys, you deserve it ten-fold!

  2. Chris Says:

    *Chris blushes* Thank you, April.

  3. julie Says:

    I second what April said. You and Howard are THE BEST and deserve everything to fall right into place for whatever plans you have. Of course I desperately hope that those plans will one day bring you home, but if that is not the case– I hope whatever you guys do will turn out great!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Chris Says:

    I love you Julie! And I think you and Aaron should just pack up and move to Alaska!

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