Happy Birthday Christopher!  Chris is Howard’s second youngest brother.  Yes, I know.  It absolutely is confusing at holidays when we’re actually all together in a room.  Throw in a lot a little bit of alcohol and it’s all about “wrong legs” and and a million different “Chris’” answering back when you say the name.

It’s one of the reasons why Howard calls me “Chrissy”.

Anywho.  He’s one year older today.  I won’t say his age.  BUT I will post this picture:

That’s Chris dressed as “FlavorFlav” at Jason’s Halloween party this past year.  We weren’t there of course, and that’s a shame.  But thank God, Jason sent me some pictures.

As his favorite sister-in-law (and I am, aren’t I Christopher? A-hem), I reserve the right to embarass him as much as I can.  I mean, I’m married to his big brother.  That should count for something.

Happy Birthday Chris.  Don’t be thinkin’ you’re better than us just because you get to eat peanuts and drink iced tea at the Sagebrush, ya hear?

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