Leavin…on a Jet (and prop) plane!

Chanel hand bag? Check.

Prada cologne? Check.

Coco Chanel perfume? Check.

St. Andrews’ cross? Check.

One pair of really cute kitten heel sling backs? Check.

Spare Gucci purse? Check.

Camera? Check.

Passports and drivers’ license? Check.

iPod? Check.

Clean underwear and nice clothes? Check.

Wallet and credit cards? Check.

Anxiety and excitement about leaving? Oh yes. Check that twice.

But the best, oh the best, is I am now officially a certified Emergency Trauma Technician!  We all passed and oddly enough we all missed 5 questions on the test.  Weird huh?  Of course when we answered the questions on the board, we added a few smartass answers.  Mine was how to begin treatment on a person in pain and I answered “Bear down!” and “Suck it up, crybaby!”  It got a good laugh and I still got an A!  Glad the class is over though.  Whew!  40 hours of class time compressed in to 3 weeks takes up a lot of time, even though it might not seem like it.

So that’s it for a while guys, Tess is also on vacation or else she’d no doubt be beautifying my site with her stellar prose and wit.

Amy, well, I haven’t asked Amy if she would like to guestpost but she knows she’s always welcome. (Amy, ask Pete to set you up if you want to guest post!) Did ya’ll know that our Amy is now a published writer? Oh yes. And even if she doesn’t get a chance to post here, you really should go over there to her site and tell her what a badass she is. Go on now.
Now you all know that I’ll find my way to a computer somewhere and check in. But I might be off somewhere drinkin’ iced tea and twanging it up with my southern family and friends.

Say you’ll miss me. You know I’ll miss you.

See you on the flip side in a couple of weeks!

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  1. Jen Says:

    Have a great trip Chris and Howard. Much love!

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