2 More Sleeps

…and I’m not at all prepared.  Mentally I am but not physically.  In fact, I’m going to be busy up until we get on the plane flying out of the village.

Today was spent going over last minute things with our relief manager, who happens to be Mark, our new full timer because frankly, he can do all the things that a relief manager can and probably better, so why should I pay someone’s airfare and per diem if I really don’t have to?

I came home to eat and to shower (oh yes, I wore pajamas to work because we are closed today and dammit I can do things like that) and then we’re going to the cafe to see the first of the Iron Doggers zoom in for break, to check in with the judges, gas up, and to hop right back on their snowmachines. (The Tesoro Iron Dog race, if you care to google it because I don’t have time to post a link right now, but it’s an awesome race and we’re one of the checkpoints along the trail)
Tomorrow, I will rise early and spend the day making daily checklists for Mark and the rest of the employees to make their life easier.  THEN I leave work at 4 to get to my final ETT class. Tomorrow night is the final class AND the final exam.  No pressure or anything before vacation right?  I should get home around 10pm and then I’ll start packing and cleaning up the house so that our friend Julie, who is watching (I just typed “washing” instead of “watching”, luckily I caught the mistake because that would have been hilarious!) the house won’t think we live like pigs.

Then my flight is 9:45am on Tuesday morning.  Nope.  No pressure at all.  I hope to get one more post in before we leave because I’d like to tell you all about my friend Judy.  One of the strongest women I know.

Until tomorrow bitches!

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  1. Heather Says:

    Just in case you don’t have time to post again I hope you and Howard have a wonderful, relaxing, safe vacation!!!!! Make sure if you see Julie tell I said hey.

  2. Amy Says:

    Have fun for me too!!!

  3. Chris Says:

    Heather-I’ll be so sad that you couldn’t come down for the weekend and see me but I know how life can get in the way. I will definitely pass on a hug and a message to Julie. Love you girl! One of these years!

    Amy-Definitely my friend. Margaritas in your honor are already in the works.

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