Some meme for your weekend

My fellow crazy and fellow shoe addict, Maria tagged me for this one.

The instructions: you now have to share five little-known facts about yourself, and inflict the Meme on five other unsuspecting Bloggers.

1.  I’m afraid of the dark.  Now you must be asking yourself why I would live in a state that has about six hours of daylight from November to January.  Who knows?  But when I’m in bed at night, I have to fall asleep with the lamp on or the tv on or I can’t fall asleep.  It always gets worse when someone close to me dies.  I’m not even sure I know WHAT it is that terrifies me so much about it, but darkness really screws with my head.

2.   I am always playing some sort of beat in my head that ends up being tapped out either in my feet or my fingers.  Even now, my foot is tapping a beat.  No beat in particular, just tapping a cadence.  Always the same pattern no matter the rhythm.

3.   I have a fear of flying but only while taking off and landing.  It’s weird.  I’m always tense when we take off and as we make our final descent but when we’re up at cruising altitude, I always relax and the fear subsides.  Howard, no matter what, always reaches over and takes my hand during these two times because he knows I’m screaming inside.  If I’m flying alone, I usually clench my fists and close my eyes.  But put me 30,000 feet in a pressurized capsule going 500mph?  I’m good to go.

4.   My sister looks and acts NOTHING like me.  Seriously.  Now, we do have different fathers BUT you would think there would be some resemblance in either personality or looks but we have neither.  She’s my polar opposite.  Anything I like?  With the exception of animals, she’s most likely not going to like it.  Which is okay.  We celebrate our differences now but quite often when either of us tells someone that knows both of us separately, that we’re sisters, they usually think we’re kidding.

5.  When I’m in deep thought, I sit and twist my hair.  My family calls it “twiddling” and I have done it, since I was a baby.  I actually used to suck my thumb AND do it (when I was a small child of course, I don’t suck my thumb now, you freak!), especially when I was nervous or pissed off.  My mom loves to tell stories about how I’d get angry (usually with my sister) when I was only 3 or 4 and pop my thumb in my mouth and start “twiddling” my hair.  I managed to wean myself off my thumb at about 5 years old but the hair twisting?  I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing it.

So that’s it!  Aren’t you intrigued now?

I think I’ll tag Amy, Tess, Heather, Julie, and Jen now.

And if you’re so inclined, leave it in my comments or on your own blog!  Have a ball!

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  1. maria Says:

    great answers my fellow crazy…:)
    as always


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