Girls’ Night! (Now with zero Blackouts! Try it today!)

So in my drunken stupor last Sunday night, I suggested that we girls (ie: me, Kathy, Susie, Manda and Joanie) get together and watch “The Color Purple”.  Because sometimes, you just need a good cry and some solid female bonding.  Everyone thought it was a good idea.

Except that I don’t remember making the suggestion.  Dusty assured me I did indeed make the suggestion after his mother (kathy) asked me if we were still on for “girls’ night.”  I totally faked them all out and said “of course!”

So tonight we got together and watched “Waiting to Exhale”.  Close enough.  Women struggling in relationships with men who are trying to keep them down.  We figured it was too late in the evening to start a looooong ass movie like “TCP”.  I was offered wine and tequila many times but I declined.  Good Lord, I STILL feel hungover.  Just the thought of a beer (oh my god) makes me gag.  Even my beloved Alaskan Amber (oh my god…again!), I can’t even stomach the thought of right now.  Thank God, I’ve got class tomorrow night because I can get out of going to the bar and thus avoiding the added pressure of “Just have a drink already!”

I just sat there curled up on the big fluffy sofa with Manda Grace and her dog Bubba, sipping my water and eating strawberries.  We were wearing pajamas.  All of us.  Thank you very much.

I’m really going to miss these people who have become my family while I’m gone for three weeks!  For the first time, I have excitement and anxiety about leaving.  And that feels pretty good.  It feels good to live in a place you love so much that you get homesick when you leave it.

But.  I don’t love it enough to give up going to Morocco.  No sir.  My family’s drama?  Maybe.

Just kidding mom!

4 Responses

  1. maria Says:

    Nothing like a good spot of girly bonding.. especially with alcohol…chocolate is a good ingredient to the mix too… and a nice male stripper wouldnt harm ;)



  2. Jason Says:

    “The Color Purple” is one of my favorites–right up there with “Steel Magnolias.” Am I gay or what? Anyway, concerning “TCP” , the church scene with Shug Avery still makes me wail after all of these years. Great movie for sure!!! Can I come to your girls night? he he Can’t wait to see you.

  3. Chris Says:

    Oh I know! “See daddy? Sinners have soul too!” I cry over that part too! But the best, oh the best is this one….”I’m poor, I’m black AND I MIGHT BE UGLY, BUT I’m HERE!” as she leaves with Shug.

    You are totally invited to girls’ night, baby!

    Less than four days now. Get those Dixie Chicks cd’s ready. Love you!

  4. Chris Says:


    So I say you fly across the pond and join us next time and I say Jason could be the male stripper. He’s hot enough. (kidding about the stripping part, but he seriously is hot!) ;-)

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