Testing my waters

Tonight during my class, we were just beginning to cover external bleeding and its remedies when (and I swear to God this is true) we heard someone coming up the steps to the meeting room we were in.

We turned to see a gentleman walk in holding a napkin over his bloody forehead. He explained that he’d been in a snowmachine accident on the way to our village from a military site about 30 miles away.

Julie was the PA on call so she escorted him downstairs to the clinic and then came back up to reschedule the class. She then asked to have someone with her to assist. She looked right at me, prompting me to volunteer. Everyone else seemed a bit hesitant anyway, so I thought “Why not?” I was a bit nervous about it but up to the challenge.

He ended up having several lacerations on his head (thank God, he was bald), that I had to clean out, and he was bleeding pretty badly. I was amazed at how calm I felt in spite of my adrenaline going. Julie prepped so she could stitch him up, while, she instructed me on cleaning the wound. He was terrified of needles so we had him do some relaxation breathing and I kept his mind of it, while asking him about what he did, where he was from, etc. He didn’t even know it when we gave him a Tetanus shot. The numbing of his head was a bit more difficult but I kept him calm and still while Julie got to work. We ran through the assessment of a potential brain injury. Luckily he came through with flying colors.
In no time, we had him all stitched up and bandaged and I cleaned his head of the remaining blood and he thanked both of us, before we released him.

It felt great. I can’t even describe it. Julie said I was “amazing.” Julie, of course was too and I told her so.
I was amazed at how well I remained focused. How tuned in to Julie I was. My God, I dare say it felt natural.

I also told Julie this better get me extra points in the class. Of course I didn’t mean it.

But how wonderful and gratifying it felt to “fix” someone. To lend a hand. To be in the thick of things. I think I’m going to be a pretty darn good nurse.

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  1. Tom Says:

    Way to go, Chris! Reminds me of your mother. (That’s a compliment, of course.)

    Look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.


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