What does a girl do when she has fully fuctioning water and sewer after three weeks of not?

Why she throws a party and deep fries shrimp, scallops, and makes homemade hush puppies to celebrate the occasion.  Alpha and Billy offered up potato salad (with dill and avacado…oh my orgasmic heavens..was it fabulous.), and Baked Beans.  I threw in some cole slaw for good measure.  No longer being the only southerner in my village completely and utterly rocks!
This party of course, involved lots of alcohol.  Lots of Margaritas-or shall I say-”Snowgaritas”?  Man, I LOVE snow and the fact that we don’t have to even touch a blender in the winter.  Of course, there was beer, wine, and spicy Bloody Marys.  We broke out our bottle of Patron for shots.  We polished it off rather quickly.  Dusty, Kathy (his mom), Susie (his aunt), and Brian also came to celebrate with us.  When Dusty’s dad comes home again, I’m cooking that man whatever he wants.  Lord knows we owe him.

Sometime during the night, someone was listening to my iPod and took it to the bathroom and left it playing.  While I was making my zillionth trip there last night (alcohol), I found it after thinking that someone must have spiked my drink and I was hearing voices.  Was I relieved that wasn’t the case.

I picked it up and found that a “Rent” song was playing.  Of course, I ran to show Alpha.  Alpha, the only sober one at the party.  Might I add?  That the girl doesn’t drink because she really doesn’t have to.  She is high energy and can totally hang with us drunks.  She insisted that we play “Take Me Or Leave Me” and sing along.  Which we did.  And we rocked.  Not “American Idol” rocked but we rocked our guests!  I’m sure the fact that they were drunk, really helped too.

The only downside was our camera was completely dead and I charged it long enough to take just one picture:

the one picture I got that night..

That would be Mark after pinning his brother, Billy on the floor in a wrestling match.  Yes folks, there was even drunk wrestling.

I plugged the camera back into the charger and this morning took a photo of some of the remains we found this morning:

the remains of last night...
Note the THREE empty bottles of tequila.  We polished off the Souza first, the mixed with the Jose, then did shots with the Patron.  I mean really.  Brian made a good analogy last night.  “You wouldn’t put Nitrous Oxide into a Ford Focus would you? Then why on earth are you mixing with Patron?  Patron is for smooth, straight shots!”

That Brian.  He’s on to something there.

Nevertheless.  That picture up there?  pretty much sums up what was consumed last night.

You know it’s a huge success when your Patron bottle is empty.

Today it’s 25 above and beautiful.  At 4:30, we’re snowmachining over to the school to meet the gang once again for some tackle football in the snow.  This should be fun.  And my camera is already charged.

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