“Where the Beer Flows Like Wine….”

All hail the water gods.  For they have smiled upon me.  Once again. A-hem.

By this past Friday, I was feeling pretty low.  I was depressed and finally had a “psychotic episode”, that I wrote about in the previous post.

Come Saturday, I’d already cancelled on a sushi party thrown by Billy and Alpha in honor of his and Howard’s birthday (we cancelled the sledding because it was below zero and that’s just too cold).  I just didn’t feel up to faking cheerfulness.  Though I should have, in hindsight.  So, I came home, curled up in my pajamas and felt sorry for myself.  When you don’t have water and you’re having to depend on someone else’s home to do the simple things like taking a shower or even God forbid going to the bathroom, it can really bring you down. Lesson: NEVER EVER take running water for granted.  You would think that I, especially, could appreciate this because I’ve gone without it so many times in the past.

But I digress.

Come Sunday, Dusty’s dad came over and fixed our problem.  While it involved actually cutting the sewer pipes to thaw them, in a matter of hours, our water issue was resolved.  The ONLY thing we still can’t do is take a shower and that’s because in the process of fixing all the indoor leaks, we discovered that somehow our shower valve was broken.  Once that arrives, Howard will be able to replace it and we’ll be back in business.  And even though we’re still having to drive to Brian’s parents’ house to take showers, we can now wash dishes, do laundry, and pee in our own toilet!  Woo hoo!

Dusty’s dad only gets two weeks off at a time and otherwise works out of town for an entire month, so we had to wait for him to return to help us.

God bless that man and God bless Dusty and his family.

Even while bursting into tears when placing my steak order to go on Friday, (yes, I was feeling that low.  I didn’t even eat my steak at the bar like I usually do.)Susie, (Dusty’s aunt) said: “We’re going to get your water running, we’re family honey, and we’re going to get you through this.”

I know I go on and on but we’ve been blessed by the friends who have all but adopted myself and Howard into their family here.  Dusty’s family especially.  Who are we without our friends?  I’ll tell you right now.  I’d be no one.

Now, Dusty and I can go back to gossiping, making fun of each other,  and talking about the most weird subjects instead of his listening to me cry and whine.

Though, I do whine at times just to get on his nerves.  I reserve the right to heap loads of playful abuse on my friends.  Dusty, especially.  He’s just that easy.

Now, I can look forward to vacation that arrives in less than three weeks!  I’m also taking an ETT (Emergency Trauma Technician) class, which I already love.  I’ll tell you about the epiphany I had my first night, in another post.

I never thought I’d ever say this but I’ve got loads of laundry and dirty dishes that I’m just dying to take care of because I can!

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