Oh dear…I’m back to the vignettes.

I know I joke about Dusty being my other husband a lot.

Mainly because when Howard isn’t there to talk me down from a meltdown, Dusty is.

However, there are always several differences because we all know that I’m not really married to Dusty and I don’t really have two husbands.  I also don’t sleep with Dusty, nor do I have an urge to do so.  He’s just my friend who happens to be a guy, who is just as self-sufficient as Howard, and for some weird reason, allows me to be a complete and utter nutjob and still loves me anyway.  He’s a nurturer by nature.  And I love that about him.

But tonight on the phone, he crossed that threshold into bona fine husbandry (without the obvious of course) by doing something no one else has ever done before, it went something like this:
“Chrissy, you need to just calm down.”

“I know, I’m sorry, I just feel terrible about having to use Brian’s parents’ house when I should be using my own.”

“But you know you can’t use yours and believe me Brian doesn’t mind, if he did, he would tell you.”

After several rounds of:

“Are you sure?”


Dusty finally got fed up and said:

“God, your OCD is kicking in.”


You know?  We all like to think that our friends, even our best friends, will tell us these sorts of things but when you’ve been clinically diagnosed (ME!), most people try not to point out the obvious.  Most people except maybe a spouse.  Howard is the only one who can point it out (and not be joking about it because I’m all about making fun of myself) and not have me go psycho or be offended.  (I know that’s a loaded statement, let’s not get into analyzing it right now, okay?)  Well Howard was the only one.  I guess Dusty really is like another spouse.  I didn’t freak out, I didn’t get offended, I simply replied “I know”…just like I do when Howard mildly points it out.

Then he did just what Howard normally does.  He talked me through it until I felt sane again.

Next thing you know, I’ll be dropping “honey do” lists off at his house.  He’s gonna love having a “wife” like me.

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