“La Vie Boheme!”

Still no water.  Still wearing out our welcome at Brian’s parents’ house (even though he and Dusty say otherwise).  But still.  We have to make time for fun.

I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned this before but the school principal is from NC!!!  AND she lived in Wilmington for a few years during the time that I did.  Her nephews are here as well and they’re also from NC.  We’ve had a lot of fun with these people.  You have no idea.  Just this past weekend, we were invited over to her house for drinks and all around togetherness.  We figured we might as well mourn together for Val.  We drank Margaritas in her honor.  Or “Snowgaritas” as we coined the term because since we were out of ice, we used the fresh snow from outside.  These drinks were also called “Snow-se Quervos”.  We had a hodge-podge of indian, asian, and southern comfort food.
A good time was hand by all.  I laughed more than I have in a long time.

Also (and this is my favorite part);  Billy, one of her nephews is married to a beautiful, sweet woman named Alpha.  (that’s not my favorite part though they are one gorgeous couple)  Alpha LOVES broadway plays and LOVES the “Rent” soundtrack.  She’s a New York City girl, how could she not right?

Of course that means that she and I were singing drunken “Rent” songs all night.  Oh my God, I wanted to take her home and put her in my pocket.  We really want to start a “Community Theatre” here.  That would be fabulous.  Lord knows, we need a lot of “fabulous” around here.

This weekend, we’re going to celebrate Billy and Howard’s birthdays by going up to the ridge that overlooks the town, building a bonfire, and going sledding!  In light of all that happened last week, of course, we’re going to be very careful. But we’ll no doubt have a lot of fun!

Plus, with my freakish aptitude for running into walls and tripping over objects yards away, this should be hilarious.

Less than month and I’ll be on vacation.  Oh my dog, have I earned it.

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