Just when I didn’t think it could get any worse…

We lost another life this morning. A 38 year old woman who was our neighbor, our customer, who just yesterday, I stood with in the store and laughed about how this year really just sucked so far, was killed in a snowmachine accident. My last words to her were “See ya Val!” Thinking that naturally I would.

But in an instant she was gone. Leaving behind 4 daughters who range in the age of 6 to 17. Daughters she loved and cared for very much and who loved her right back. Also leaving behind two brothers and three sisters and her mom and dad.

And suddenly, my problems aren’t so bad anymore. I’ve got the air in my lungs, my good health, I am alive.

And I am humbled and grateful and sad at the same time.

Today was Howard’s birthday and he’s been deeply saddened instead of happy to have lived another year. But I’m glad I’m married to such a sweet man. A man who held me when I finally did break down and cry this morning. For all I am grateful for. For those babies who lost their mother. For a husband who cares enough to be sad too.

Happy Birthday my dear, amazing, husband.

And Rest in Peace Valkyrie.

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