still singing those damn “Rent” songs (or just random rambles)

“Withooooout you….the ground thaaaaws…”

Okay okay.  Sorry.  I hope to be over this whole singing nonsense by the New Year.

Ya’ll.  The last time I checked the thermometer outside it read -36.  Read:  THIRTY SIX DEGREES BELOW ZERO.  That was base temperature.  No wind.  Yep.  “Baby, it’s cold outside?”  Um.  You don’t know cold.  Unless of course, you’re in the South Pole.

The truck barely started this morning even with the block heater plugged in, my skin is zapped of any moisture whatsoever, and I can’t seem to keep my feet warm.

And let me take a moment right now and tell all of you who are curious:  Yes.  I can definitely tell a difference in -36 and 0.  Zero feels really nice actually.  Trust me on this.

I’m not even ready for Christmas.  I have all of my presents purchased but not one of them is mailed which means, NO ONE will be getting their gift before Christmas.  That’s okay though, because both of our families celebrate Christmas when we return to NC once a year.  So, what’s a few weeks right?

I thought that a full week after my extractions, I would feel fine but truth be told, my bottom gums are still really swollen and sore, especially the holes where my wisdom teeth once lived.  I still can’t eat anything really chewy (which SUCKED tonight at Steak night) and I’m constantly getting food caught in my holes.  THANK GOD for my Waterpic. (and thank you God for Demerol…in moderation, of course)
And finally, to all of you who have emailed and to which I haven’t replied?  I AM READING YOUR EMAILS!  Especially you Heather!

I think I’m just going to put a “closed” sign on my forehead until after the holidays.  Is that okay?  Why I would think that would work here in cyberland (see?  I just used a word from the soundtrack!) is beyond me being that none of you actually see me everyday.  Except for that one clever local person who found my blog.  You know who you are, would that be okay?
And if for some reason, I can’t jump on here beforehand, I wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Tom Says:

    I can empathize with you. The year I lived in New Mexico the temperature got to -40 for a few days. Of course, that was on the same latitude as North Carolina, so three weeks later the temperature was +70 and I got to put the top down on my ‘68 Mustang.

    The worst I ever experienced cold was in Evanston, Ill. my last year in seminary. It was -30, and the school bus I drove broke down three blocks from the service station where it was stored. This was in 1972, before cell phones, and before the concept of wind chill became widely known. Of course, it was so early in the morning that no one was at the station yet, anyway. So I had to trudge through the prairie wind those three blocks back to get another bus and get those brats to school.

    Yes, I can empathize.

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Heather Says:

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!

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