The remains

Yesterday was awesome. From start to finish.

I finally got to Susie’s around noon after running around, getting ready, packing up the food to be cooked, and making our rounds of phone calls, which MOM I know I didn’t call you but I meant to and I just didn’t get around to it but I will call you this weekend. Howard gave me your message though.

First of all, cooking in a ginormous kitchen, a professional kitchen is wonderful. I loved that anything I asked for was there. Susie, Todd, and I were all there together right after I arrived and not once did we bump in to each other. I may just come up with dumb excuses for cooking over there now.

After stuffing the turkey and putting it in the oven, Susie and I toasted with Mimosas and prepared our appetizers. Kathy and Tommi, Dusty’s mom and sister showed up and completed our appetizer table:

Alaska Misc- 2006 1102.jpg

….and then we set up the bar:

Alaska Misc- 2006 1148.jpg

and finally dinner was ready:
Alaska Misc- 2006 1156.jpg

..and then we all sat down and had dinner, and boy was it yummy.

Alaska Misc- 2006 1159.jpg

You know?  I’m thinking the lack of alcohol is what makes my family’s Thanksgiving so stressful.  If we all just got good and tanked before we got together (or you know, why not just drink together?) to eat and give thanks, we’d probably have a great time.

Of course, the next day, there would be the guilt trips, the blaming, and the arguments over who is entitled to the biggest room in hell.

Oh well.  It’s an entertaining thought.

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