We interrupt our posting.

I actually received a nasty email about the comment I made about my friend Julie:

“If she and I ever decide to ‘play for the other team’, we would totally run off and get married.”

I don’t want to post it here but let me just say that it chewed my ass about sexual orientation. It was a long lecturing post about how people can’t just “choose”, they are “born” gay or straight.

And that’s not what upset me because I BELIEVE THAT TOO.

What upsets me is that this person obviously has NO SENSE OF HUMOR. Obviously this person DIDN’T READ MY BIO over there on the left right above the “Blogroll” regarding my affinity for sarcasm.

Obviously this person hasn’t gotten laid in a very long time.

BUT. BUT! Sarcasm aside, I am elated that enough people are reading now that I got my official piece of hatemail.


That is all. We now continue our regular posting.

3 Responses

  1. Jen Says:

    Sense of Humor…
    Some have it, some don’t.
    Count me in if you and Julie decide to change teams. I’ll be the third basewoman.
    Love ya,

  2. Chris Says:

    You got it, babe! You know how I’m lucky in another way? I’d have the hottest girlfriends! ;-)

    Let the hatemail commence.

    Love the hell out of ya!

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