That post I’ve been yammering about

I got an email from my friend Heather a couple of weeks ago.

Now, you have to know Heather because to hear her laugh is hysterical.  She and I are a lot a like in that neither of us can really talk and laugh at the same time and we take quick, high pitched breaths in between giggles.  When I read this, all I could picture, was her, trying to tell her her husband Steve (here I go, I’m laughing just typing it) and possibly folding one arm over her stomach and bending over and slapping a knee, trying to put a coherant sentence together.

It’s just so funny.  In fact, I’m not sure what makes me laugh more.  Josh or Heather telling Steve.  Nevertheless, the story is hilarious.


“I have to tell you this. Josh has finally lost both of his top front teeth and even though it’s been almost a month; everytime I look at him, I want to laugh. He is one of those kids that just looks really funny with those teeth gone. Especially, with him wearing glasses and his ears still stick out a bit. I’m so bad picking on my kid. ;) Speaking of being bad, you know those emails that go like this—look at the screen and you will see a ghost then some scary pics “jumps” out at you? Welllllll I got one that says to find the 3 differences in the 2 pictures so I had Josh do it (i’m sitting here laughing thinking about it), he is sitting there trying to find the differences and this Linda Blair-like pic with big pointy teeth jumps out and the sound is someone screaming. Josh sits there frozen then I go over to him and he slides out of the computer chair onto the floor and starts crying and I start laughing. Steve comes home right at this time and he likes what’s going on so i’m trying to tell him while i’m laughing (and about to pee my pants) and Josh finally gets off the floor, goes over to the couch and doesn’t talk to me for about an hour. Oh man, it was soooo funny. I know I’m sad but it was worth the look on Josh’s face. He comes up with the best faces for different things. lolololol
I so need more houses to clean, I’m so bored that I’m scaring my kid just to have some excitment in my life. Take care and talk to you later, Heather”
That? Was hysterical.  And if you didn’t think so? Then you have NO sense of humor.  I love you Heather.  You are so awesome.
And in case anyone was wondering?  Josh is one of the smartest children I know.  This kid was using an extensive vocabulary at age three.  He’s a great kid, Heather is a great mother, so please don’t email me about Heather being mean spirited.  I plan on making my children the butt of several jokes, on many occasions.  That is;  if I ever have any.
For now?  My friends’ children will have to do.
On a completely different note;  My tenacious husband, ONCE AGAIN, saved us from honeybucket hell.  He made our water pipes his bitch last night and they were acting like proper motherfuckers this morning.  Boo-fucking-yah.

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