Rock The Kasbah

Okay.  So Morocco it is.  We’re going.

Only now?  We’re going to Marrakesh.  Yes, we’ve decided on yet another “adventurous” holiday instead of a “relaxing” holiday.  But Marra-fucking-kesh!

Secretly?  I’ve been wanting to go there since I saw the movie “Hideous Kinky” a few years ago.  I want to shop in the souks and go to the famous DJEEMA EL-FNA to see the snake charmers, the belly dancers, and maybe buy a Berber rug.

I want to ride in on a Caleche and wear a smata.

It just seems too exotic to pass up.  And I hear the people are warm and welcoming.  Plus?  One no longer needs a guide to go into the souks to shop.  The government cracked down a few years ago, making it illegal to harass tourists.

When we really thought about it, we decided we wanted to go somewhere unforgettable again.

Seriously. We can hop a flight to a balmy location from anywhere almost anytime.  Heck, I used to live on the coast.
So Marrakesh it is.  I’m booking the trip tomorrow morning.

Now?  To learn some conversational Arabic.

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  1. Amy Says:

    You are probably one of the most well traveled peeps I know!!!

    I hope you have a fun fun time. Oh..and an adventurous time too!!!

    Look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

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