Cheese with my Whine

Once again, I am humbled.

Since that last crazily neurotic post,  (oh dear God, I really am the drama queen, aren’t I?) I have received such warm sentiments whether it be via email, the phone, or even in the comments.

I ask you, can a girl get a better circle of friends?  Let me answer that.  Hell fucking no.

You’re all awesome and I love you.

The health thing, well, let me just say right now, it is not life threatening.  The surgery?  Minor compared to the others I could have been facing.  And most of it has to do with that damn whole reproductive issue that I’ve been dealing with for years.  The other?  Entails breaking my entire jaw…ugh, though it may be the best diet plan I’ve concocted yet. Ha!
I’m even feeling a bit less bummed about my job.  I do believe though, that if I didn’t live in such an awesome place with such nice people, I’d be going back to work for Melissa. (Hi Melissa!)
It’s a pretty big deal when you can honestly say that you stay in your job mainly for the people’s sake.  That gives me a lot of fulfillment.  It really does.

That? And, okay, I also stay because of my partner in crime Tess.  My Tessy.  Seriously.  The girl should get bonuses just on her ability to help the company retain employees.  And there are a couple of other people in that office that I love as well.  They?  Keep me from crushing up those Prozac pills, cooking them in a spoon, and shooting it into my arm.

And back to Melissa.  Now with Melissa?  If I had ANYTHING I wanted to get off my chest?  I knew I could go to her with it.  She had an “open door policy”.  Many times, we’d be in heated arguments, but you know what?  We’d always work it out.  She never made me feel silly or crazy either.  And she’d do what she could to make sure my requests were met, my points validated, if she was able to.  If I thought something wasn’t fair?  I KNEW I could go to her and tell her and she’d listen.  I was always satisfied working there.  It was a very healthy work environment.  Melissa, really was an awesome boss.  Sure we were catty bitches some days but we were truly a family there.  I miss that.  That is the kind of job satisfaction I want.

Did I mention that Melissa and I also went tubing down Wilson’s Creek and lived to tell about it?

Oh.  Well.  That’s for another post.

Jen, Heather, Julie, Carla, Pam?  I’m without words for you fabulous women as well.  Thank you for always loving me no matter what.

2 Responses

  1. Melissa Says:

    You are very good with your words and very captivating when you write, but, I don’t think there are enough words to describe how scared I was during our tubing extravaganza…… But, it makes me laugh out loud thinking about at the end of the River when all caught up with each other……. Or at the campsite when Jean and Russ were there and the Whole Coleslaw (or was it potato Salad?) incident took place, HE HE…. Or “our” $150.00 Fishing License Fine?

    Yes, I lived to tell about Wilson’s Creek and I would do again with you and Howard!!! (This time I would try not to kill myself so instantanuously) I miss you guys!!
    Talk to you soon

  2. Amy Says:

    Ok…my orthodontis claimed that braces wouldn’t work on me and there might be the need to break my jaw…I wasn’t thrilled…but turns out the braces worked afterall…

    Lots of love karma…

    Did you get my silly card???

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