Look! Drunk Post! But it’s my birthday!

So Howard took me over to Susie’s where I walked in to a decorated cafe’ (she’s the owner) and a daquiri waiting for me. Also a pizza with pepperonis, mushrooms, and black olives. Mmmmmm! There were a few of our close friends there and I even had a birthday cake with candles.

My goal was to only have one daquiri because I have homework, I have to be up early to catch a flight tomorrow, blah, blah, blah, but one turned into two and maybe three. Okay with maybe a shot of tequila and a perhaps a beer thrown in too.

People kept showing up and giving me well wishes. I nearly cried.

Susie’s birthday is on Sunday so we’re having a big joint celebration next weekend.

Tonight, as I was laughing with Shannie, and Camille, and Dusty, and Dave and Chris and Todd and Susie and of course Howard, I felt overwhelmed with gratitude once again.

I look back at the last couple of years at the times when I’ve been so depressed about the state of my life. Depressed about where I was living. But you know what? If I’d never lived and experienced those things and places, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Surrounded by good friends, here and all over the country.

Living in an amazing community I was brought to by chance. By sheer luck. And my heart swells at the knowledge that deep down I know I am “home.”

It was a fabulous birthday.

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  1. Amy Says:

    Well I feel like a jerk. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a couple for me!!!

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