The big day

Thank you to all my friends who dropped a “Happy Birthday” line to me in my inbox this morning.  I was overwhelmed and humbled.

Also, even though Howard swears he didn’t do it, someone told the morning dj at our radio station that it was my birthday today and he informed everyone in the listening area to call in or stop by the store to wish me a happy one.  Then he played some Donna Fargo because I requested it a couple of days ago.  In all he played three songs for me.  I walked around with a perpetual blush all day.  I think if it wasn’t Howard, it was Dusty.

Also, Susie gave me a free lunch and is making daquiri’s for me tonight.

Howard bought me the most beautiful set of handmade and hand beaded gloves I think I’ve ever seen.  They’re lined with beaver fur too, which means they’ll be warm this winter.

My mom, my aunt, and my sister called me bright and early to wish me a happy one and I got my birthday card from my memaw today.  How cool is that?  It usually comes early or later, never on the day.

So turning 32 was pretty darn good.

And without further ado, I’ll show off the e-card my mom sent me because she always makes me feel warm and fuzzy with her words.  Mommies are good for that.

“Happy Birthday…on time! (gotta love the Internet)

Happy 32nd. birthday, Chris! Hard to believe you’re that old. I was just thinking where I was 32 years ago today, when you were almost 13 hours old. Another girl. Holding you in my arms and seeing how pretty you were and thinking, “Boy you weigh a lot.” 8 lb., 12 oz., 22″ long. Now, 32 years later, I think about how special you still are. Kind, generous, thoughtful, and sweet. And how I’ll always love you.

Love, Mom (and Tom)”
I thank God for giving me another year on this earth, for my health, my amazing life, my incredible luck at having amazing friends and amazing family.

My cup truly, runneth over.

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