Make that three *hiccup*

The first twenty songs on the “shuffle” option of my iPod.  Yes, you want to know this.  You will sleep better knowing it.

Bad Medicine-Bon Jovi

Rebirth of Slick-Digable Planets

The Hardest Thing-98 Degrees (shut up, it’s a guilty pleasure)

Honey! I’m Home-Shania Twain

Easy to Love-1998 Lincoln Center Cast-”Anything Goes” soundtrack

Nothing Really Matters-Madonna

8th World Wonder-Kimberley Locke

Can’t Fight This Feeling-REO Speedwagon

Not Ready To Make Nice-Dixie Chicks

Breakaway-Kelly Clarkson

Memory-Elaine Page

Meet Me Halfway-Kenny Loggins

Macavity The Mystery Cat-Geraldine Gardner

It’s De-Lovely-Lincoln Center Cast “Anything Goes” soundtrack

The Real Slim Shady-Eminem

End Of The Road-Boys II Men

Buttons-The Pussycat Dolls featuring Snoop Dogg

Don’t Know What You Got Til It’s Gone-Cinderella

Girls, Girls, Girls-Motley Crue

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  1. EWIAML Says:

    You’re right!.. I will sleep better!

    Thanks for still visiting my place sweetie.. btw your new home looks amazing!


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