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Last Sunday I invited Dusty and Brian to breakfast because Howard found a block of livermush (something you can only buy in the mountains of NC) buried in the freezer, a present from his mom’s visit earlier in the summer and we really wanted to share it with someone. Dusty and Brian are adventurous eaters, so we thought, who better?

Dusty arrived sans Brian and said that he got called on an earlier charter to Anchorage. Brian is a pilot and owns a flying service here. Dusty said Brian was really upset he would miss it, breakfast was his favorite meal of the day.
We ate our breakfast without him. I served up mimosas. It was a beautiful day, it was nearly noon, why not catch a buzz right?

Dusty LOVED the livermush. He had two helpings. With our bellies full, we took our drinks outside on to the deck to stand in the sunshine and breath some fresh air. We heard a plane and Dusty recognized it as Brian’s. We needn’t have wondered either. Brian buzzed the house, and tipped his wing at us before landing at the airstrip. He got a good tailwind and made it back early.
He showed up minutes later, hungry, asking where the mimosas were, and I scrambled eggs for him and heated up a plate of leftovers. He was like a hungry kid. (A big kid who likes alcohol) It was so cute, we all giggled at him.

Later in our buzzed up brains and full bellied comas, Dusty asked Howard if he’d like to fly in to town the following weekend with Brian. Dusty hates to fly, he was more than willing to give up his seat. (read: he lives in the bush and hates to fly) I suggested Howard take Pepper in with him to have him groomed. Howard jumped at the chance.

I dropped him off Friday afternoon. I got my steak to go that night, but not without an obligatory shot of tequila while it was cooking. Damn peer pressure. I came home, ate my dinner, finished my homework assignment, and turned in early. It was nice having the house to myself. Lucky really enjoyed having Pepper out of the house and having his mom all to himself.

Yesterday I cleaned the house at my leisure, took Lucky for a nice long walk, and napped. It’s amazing how even though I am extraverted and love being around people, how I equally treasure my solitude and being alone. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal. It baffles the mind.

Later in the day, I waited to hear Brian’s plane fly over the house and then I met the plane at the airstrip.

Hearing planes every hour is nothing to me now that I’ve lived in the bush for nearly four years. Instead of knowing what kind of cars are on the market, I now know the difference in supercubs, various cessnas, caravans, beavers, otters, navajos, saabs, metroliners, and even a little bit about jet planes.

I thought about this after telling Howard I heard his plane fly over.

He said: “You know, on the road system, we’d say ‘oh I heard your car pull up’, but here in the bush it’s ‘oh I heard your plane fly over’.”

“Indeed” I replied with a laugh.

Pepper returned looking like a Schnauzer again, Howard bought six different kinds of Rieslings (can you tell this is the wine we’re in to now?), and few goodies for me. The biggest surprise was a bottle of Prada perfume from Nordstrom’s.

Howard has never liked any kind of perfume on me except for one: Coco Chanel. In all the years I’ve known him, and all the times, I’ve sampled scents, he always comes back to the Chanel. He buys me a new bottle every year. He says the smell still drives him nuts.

But a few nights ago, we were in bed reading magazines when he ripped out a Prada fold out sample and rubbed it on the inside of my arm. I was awaiting his disapproval but amazingly enough, he LOVED it. And so did I! I was pleasantly surprised and even more so when he came home bearing the 1.7 fluid ounce bottle.

What do you know, you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Okay, you can wake up and move on to another post now. I’ve got a mimosa to whip up and more homework to do.

By the way, the warm weather is going away and the leaves are turning and falling off the trees. We got our first frost this morning and any day now, the mountains should be capped with snow, which means that winter will be here in less than a month. While I loved the summer on my boat, I can’t wait to dig out my winter gear and break trail on my snowmachine again.

It doesn’t take much to make this girl happy. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

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  1. Heather Says:

    Livermush!!! Now that is all I’ll be thinking about. You can’t get that up here in Ohio and now I want some. Livermush and some really good grits.

  2. Amy Says:

    Um..livermush? It sounds yucky. Is it anything like liverwerst? That is yucky. I think I may pass on that. :D

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