5 Years

I feel bad that it’s now 10:43pm AST and I’m just now getting to the computer for a post on such a day.

You all know my thoughts on 9/11.  I posted them on the anniversary last year.  It’s pretty hard to top.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about it.  I still tear up when I see the images replayed over and over.  I choke up when I see the children who were orphaned because of it.  When they cry, I weep.

I’ll never forget seeing ground zero up close just two months after it happened.  I’ll  Never forget the smell, the wreckage, the weary looks on the firefighters faces.

Sandra Teague was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77.  She was born and raised in my home town back in North Carolina.  She was a niece of my great uncle’s.  (He was my great uncle by marriage)  I never knew her but according to all who did, she was an exuberant spirit, a lovely lovely woman, who craved an adventure.  I think if I had known her, we might have been friends.

They laid her to rest in the same cemetary my pawpaw is buried, just one row over.

My family described the outpouring of love during her memorial service and it amazed me.

She might have long ago moved away, but she was still fondly remembered.

I find myself humbled to be one of the lucky ones who didn’t die and didn’t lose anyone I loved that day.  I didn’t lose a parent, a sister, a brother, an aunt, uncle or cousin.  I don’ t have to worry about how I’m going to cope the next time another anniversary comes around.

But I will always remember and grieve with every one of those who did.

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