The Vignette of Vignettes

I swear this really happened today.  Sure it’s situational humor but I’m telling you.  Even seeing it typed here makes me giggle all over again.

Today, in the store, two of my favorite customers, Tom and Camille, were at the register, and after ringing them up, they hung out just to talk and “shoot the breeze”.  Tom was browsing the newspaper and saw an article about the polygamist that was arrested yesterday in Vegas.  Here’s how it all went down.

Tom:  Hey, how do you pronounce that word?

Me:  Puh-li-guh-mee Polygamy

Tom: Oh okay.  Hey, what do you call a woman who has many husbands?

Camille:  A Bigamist

Me:  No, that’s a person with just two spouses.  Poly means many.

Tom:  So, if you call a man with many wives a polygamist, what do you call a woman with many husbands.

Camille:  Oh well, in that case you would call her a whore.

Tom and I laughed so hard, we couldn’t for about a solid minute.  I could not have timed it any better.

Laugh now, because you know that’s funny, and yes I know a bit sexist too.  Double standards suck.  Yes yes, don’t email me, just get a sense of humor.

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  1. Tom Says:

    Just a little information from a trivia freak: Polygamy means multiple marriage partners at the same time. To break it down to specifics: A man with multiple wives is a polygynist, and a woman with multple husbands is a polyandrist.

    As in andro- and gyn-

    Same roots.



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