Hi. Yeah, we didn’t go.

The trip to town was ditched due to bad weather. I’m a little bummed about it but you know? I really don’t like being in a small plane in a bad weather. I did it a lot in our previous villages. I don’t miss it.
I’ll just do my drinking locally, thank you very much. And there’s also steak night. So no big losses. (Except for “Knockouts” at Sully’s and Scallop Kabob’s at Orso)

Anyway. Tangient.

I just read this over at Lauren’s blog and boy, did I completely understand where she was coming from.

My mother? Does the same thing. (Sorry mom!)

She’s really good with using words in context (which is one of my many pet peeves), so that’s not a problem and I promise you guys that she is really a smart lady, it’s mainly the pronunciation of words she has a problem with. Or sometimes she’ll get a word mixed up with another word. Here are a few examples:

Chimney. Mom’s version? “Chimley”

Rottweiler. Mom’s version? “Rockwilder”

Anthrax. Mom’s version? “Amtrax”

Exercise. Mom’s version? “Extercise”

I used to correct her but it annoyed her. Sometimes? I think she just does it to get back at me for always correcting her. It has its adorable side too though. And I love my mom. She’s of quick wit and always had eyes in the back of her head when it came to her kids. Where she gets this? I’ve no idea.

My mother in law does the same thing at times. It’s weird. BOTH OF THESE WOMEN ARE COLLEGE EDUCATED!!
Oprah Winfrey? Jean’s version: Okra Wimprey

And she gets titles mixed up too. A long time ago, back when we lived in civilization, a production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” was playing at our local community theatre. Jean, being a big theatre buff just like me asked me if I planned on seeing it. Only this is how she asked:

“Are you going to see “The Coat of Many Colors?” over at Foothills?”

Thank God, both of these women can take their fair share of ribbing on my part.

I just have to watch myself when I get the word “humility” mixed up with “humidity”. Especially around either one of them.

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  1. Amy Says:

    My dad does the same thing:

    Ibuprofen: Ibuproprolene.
    Carne Asada Burrito: Connie Estrada (my mom and I have been making fun of this one so much now that my mom accidently said I will have a Connie Estrada at the mexican place we frequent. LOL)
    Kenny Chesney: Chizzy Chestnut (or sometimes LEON).

    These are but a few…

  2. Amy Says:

    Oh and I forgot…he also says:
    FRAJITAS instead of fajitas…that one drives me batty…and no matter how I correct it…he says it FRAJITA!!!

  3. New Jan Brady (Lauren) Says:

    I’m so glad my Mom isn’t the only one. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just a lazy thing. Like, “I’m too BUSY to pay attention to what the ‘kids today’ are saying”? I don’t know.

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