Oh yes. Yes I did.

I have no idea what I was drinking (I pray that I was drunk), but somehow I found myself watching Flavor of Love 2 on Vh1.

It was the season premiere.

Forget all the fist fights, the fact that Flavor Flav is painfully dumb, not to mention ugly, forget that his two gold teeth must surely make eating ice cream difficult.

Yes let’s forget all that, because ya’ll?

One of the contestants shit on his floor.

I’m sorry.  There’s just no pretty way to put it.  The girl crapped/pooped/ca ca’ed on his floor.

It wasn’t on purpose.  Apparantly the poor girl just couldn’t hold it.

Not only did she openly admit it, but she stayed on the show!

I’m still traumatized by it.  You know?  I’ve seen my share of vulgarities from tv/movies.  We all have, haven’t we?
But bowel movements on reality tv?  Oh HELL no.

I just read by watching the show again finding a link to the episode (to put here) that she was eliminated in round 2.  Apparantly he just couldn’t past it.

HE just couldn’t get past it.  She obviously didn’t have a problem with it.
Girlfriend please.  I’d have moved to the other side of the world and changed my identity.  I’m sorry.  But some things are just meant to be private.

I do commend the girl though for having the guts to suffer through it all publically.  Wow.  The term “Shit Happens” will never ever seem like just another happy catch phrase.  Ever.

And I don’t think I’ll ever quit laughing about it.

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  1. Chris Says:

    Ahhh, reality tv at its finest. There’s truly a lot of crap on…no pun intended.

  2. Jen Says:

    I have gotten roped into Flavor of Love as well.
    I swear he handpicked some skank-o-rama.
    But you know I love that trash TV.
    Who’s your frontrunner?

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