Random Rambles (the yawning version)

Holy Mary, mother of God, thank you so much for stopping the rain FINALLY and giving us a glimpse of sunlight.  I was beginning to think it would rain until the snow comes in October.  I mean, I like rain and all, but two solid weeks of it is ridiculous.

Howard got in on the morning flight yesterday.  It was almost foreign seeing him again.  His suitcases are still unpacked and there is a pile of shit sitting on the kitchen table that he bought in Anchorage.  The best part?  was the 30lbs of silver salmon he caught over the two weeks he was in King Salmon.  Of course we had it for dinner.  While I adore living here, I miss having really good salmon.

I registered for a class today.  One class with books? 502 dollars.  My GOD, whose idea was it to drop out of college when mom and dad still paid for it?  Oh yeah.  That was me, sorry.

My Chanel bag arrived.  Oh my dog, she is beautiful.  And for the record, that class at UAF was more expensive, so I don’t feel as guilty for buying it now.  Now I just need to head into town to actually carry it.  (yes everyone asks me why I need such an extravagance while living in the bush. It’s my thing, let it go.)

My sister called me the other day and said that my niece was dying to ask me a question.  She put her on the phone and in her adorable southern drawl she said:

“Aunt Christina (my sister REFUSES to call me anything but Christina, therefore her children only know me as that), will you come down here and drive me to the movies or the pool?”

“Honey, I really would, but I live far far away and it would take me a long time to get there.  But I promise you that when we come visit next year, I’ll take you to the movies and if it’s warm enough, we’ll go to the pool too.” I said, my guilt showing.
“Okay….well…here’s mama.  I love you.”  She replied.

“I love you too baby.” I said.

She’s just that easy.  She’s a pretty happy-go-lucky kid.  If you refuse her something but then also explain why?  She’s all good with it.  She’s one of the most un-demanding children I’ve ever known.

My sister got back on the phone and chuckled:

“I thought you might enjoy that.  I tried to explain to her that you live 3000 miles away and can’t just get in your car and drive over, but she needed to hear it from you.”

I then heard my nephew yelling in the background:

“I wanna talk, I wanna talk!”

“Hang on, here’s Bradley” she said

“Heeeey”, he said in his sweet southern four year old accent.

“Hey buddy, how are you?” I asked

“I’m fine, hey, will you come over here and drive me to the pool?”  He asked.

“I’m sorry honey but I can’t..I live too far away but I was just explaining to your sister that when I come visit next year, I’ll take you guys to the movies and to the pool, if it’s warm enough, okay?”

“But why?” he asked
“Um…because it’s too far to drive.” I replied
“Because you live in Alaska?” He inquired

“Yes sweetie…Alaska is very very far away from you.”

He sighed a little sigh and said:

“Oooooh oooookaaaayy, here’s mama (pause) I love you!”  He yelled.

Such a contrasting difference between the two children, but having them at an age where they’re asking about me and remembering me when Kim talks to them makes me ache to see them and spend time with them.  I’m glad she calls when they ask though.  Hearing “I love you” from a small child could end wars.  I firmly believe this.

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