The post I may or may not have written

I may or may not have found a beautiful pink Chanel Cambon purse on sale on a well known internet auctions site.

I may or may not have paid the equivalent to a college class at UAF.

I may or may not look so damn sassy carrying it.

I may or may  not open up the package and exhale a sultry “Hhhheellloooo Lovah!”

Howard definitely needs to come home soon because ya’ll the retail therapy is working overtime.

The muse is still on vacation so that’s all I can write for right now.

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  1. Kristen Says:

    Hey girl!
    So Howard is WHERE? What the heck happened? What happened to Dale and Mary? You guys will still be able to come to the wedding…right? :-( I actually need your address, I obviously know where you live but don’t have your actual address because I gave you the save-the-date in person and I’ve never mailed you anything! We’re sending them out tomorrow so let me know! Love you and miss you tons! Hey, if you’re bored give us a call, we’ll keep you company!

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