The Empty Space

I just put Howard on a plane bound for King Salmon.

I received a panicked phone call from my boss yesterday morning begging one of us to fly down there. Apparantly the couple they hired backed out at the last minute, and a skeleton crew is running the store and since Howard and I are familiar with that market, they wanted one of us to go down and help out.

Summertime in King Salmon is not the time to be backing out of anything. There are tourists, commercial fishing, sport fishing, and canneries at their peak of business.

Of course any mention of sport fishing and Howard’s chomping at the bit to go. So he packed up two suitcases (one was filled with JUST fishing tackle), his rod and reel, and gave me a big kiss goodbye this morning.

I have no idea how long he will be gone. My boss said it will only be for a couple of weeks… I hope so.

Last night at our usual Friday night haunt, all the women were making Howard dance with them and kept gushing on how much they are going to miss him. I’m telling you, those dimples of his are lethal. Howard was reluctant to leave this morning. He too, is beginning to feel like this village is his “home.”

But he’s looking forward to seeing all our old friends there and of course catching some of that world famous salmon.

I am not looking forward to sleeping without him and running our store by myself. I miss him already and can’t wait for him to get back here.

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