Pretty in Pink

Who’da thunk it?  Me in pink.  I guess now that I’m back to my natural color (brown) and no longer a red head (which I’m still getting used to), I can pull it off.

Well at least in blogging form anyway.

Thank you much to Pete Holiday for setting this up and to ETS for giving me this as a gift for Christmas.

(Yes I know, Christmas was seven months ago, but the Pete has been busy studying and you all know how I feel about higher education, so give the guy a break.)

And can I just say that I am loving Word Press?  I am now seeing the error of my ways with Blogger.  Wow, it’s like that time I stopped being a Baptist.

Man, that post would take up all my bandwidth and who wants to talk about religion when there are much better things to talk about?   Like how bored I am and Howard hasn’t even been gone for a whole day.

And how I just watched the Series Finale from Six Feet Under on my Season Five DVD, and cried JUST as hard as I did when I first saw it.  Holy shit ya’ll.  I will never love a show as much as I loved that one.

But I won’t bore you with how I’ve been in my pajamas since I came back home from dropping Howard off at the airport, and just how much popcorn I’ve consumed because I’m just too lazy to cook for myself.  You think if I subsist just on that for two weeks, I’ll get rickets or gain weight?  I sure hope not because that shit is good.  Oh well, it just means I’ll have to dance around (burning off calories) with my ipod blasting because no one is here to watch.

For that?  I’m sure Howard is grateful.

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